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Thus saith the Lord;

"Have no fear, for nothing comes your way that I do not allow. See the good in all things.
Try to find good in all things, in every person and every situation."
Thus Saith
Thus Saith The Lord is a God-inspired, daily devotional to be read each day of the year, with three hundred and sixty five devotions. Let the Lord draw you closer to Him and learn how to improve your relationship with Jesus Christ. The words in this book were spoken by the Lord to an ordinary individual who took time to hear what the Lord was saying and transcribed it.

The Lord still speaks today in the stillness of your mind; read what He is saying to His people, and may His words uplift, encourage, and richly bless your life. God loves you and wants to speak to you today. Will you take time to hear Him? To God, be all the praise and all the glory forever, Amen.
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